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Monday, June 13, 2005


sorry i've been away for a while, i've had loads of exams but loads has happened since the last time i posted. i cant say all of it here but for those who know me, WOW.

today masood barzani was sworn in as president of Kurdistan. doesn't mean a lot to me but i know that if the guy and his family is going to rule kurdistan for the next four years then what is going to happen to the kurds? PUK are in a mess and KDP in my opinion are backwards. We dont have a decent party in Kurdistan at the moment. In hewler it showed many with their 'yellow kdp flags'. i mean if Kurdistan had any sense, they could stop that, i mean it iS supposed to be a victory for kurds as a whole, not just for KDP. that was the whole point to there being a parliament GOSH!
but i cant really say anything because when mam jalal became head of iraq, Suliamany was green all over.
i give my respect to those who celebrate these sorta things with KURDISH flags , no dumb colours-because thats just a waste of time, and showing that we kurds aren't ready to unite.
i think the Kurdish government should take a few tips from the iraqi one at the moment, because they seem to be the only ones following the rules in Iraq.

I might go Kurdistan this summer, CANT WAIT!!!