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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Smile For Newroz

Newroz is on its way. well the celebrations have started in some areas and i have been waiting for it for a year believe it or not. I love Newroz, it's like the equivalent to christmas for the people living in the west. It's when everybody is happy, when nobody shouts-because it's newroz, a time for loving and sharing.

Well it is for some Newroz celebrators. But not so much for the kurds i know. Wouldn't it be great if people were genuinly happy with no worries-i mean one day>how hard could it be??
i wish people weren't so money driven and so conscious of what people think. Newroz is a time for celebration, for only one day in the whole year. I mean, it's just plain laziness if you won't go and support the celebrations for Newroz, whether it be going to a kurdish party or just a fire. Some excuses can be acceptable-but for those who claim they're 'working' (you know who you are)-shame on you.People get off your backsides and celebrate a valuable part of our culture-i mean the iranians celebrate A LOT and life IS too short to waste sitting at home on your settee.
So if you can't happy this Newroz...

Would it harm if i could at least get a smile out of you all??