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Sunday, February 27, 2005

the reality

we kurdish people are buried deep in the ground. we fight over minor things and we argue over nothing. over the past few weeks i have witnessed a number of events of which kurdish people have been physically or verbally fighting. They included death threats, stabbings, murdering, swearing to just disagreeing. This was all recent. It's a shame that one of the major fights which occured was witnessed by turks aswell. As i recall them saying, 'you kurdish people, how do you think you'll get a country if you can't even behave within yourselves'. If a turk is saying this to us, then shouldn't we be ashamed of ourselves? That night led to someone being taken to hospital. But revenge is sweet, no? When they get out of the hospital, they go for payback time. The people involved were all related, and kurdish of course. Even though, you may think revenge is something that cannot be avoided, well it can. As the saying goes, 'it's better to be the first to say sorry-even if it wasn't entirely your fault', at least you will be likely to calm down the argument, and maybe even prevent it from getting violent.
And then there's this kurd from turkey, in the UK, who is wanted for a number of sexual assults on women. They are all disgracing the kurdish name.
Closer to home now, about a week ago PKK fighters went to the outskirts of Sulaimany and killed some old kurdish deserters from western kurdistan. whether they call themselves 'kongra-gel' now or whatever-is this not wrong?
And for some of the people i know, how do they expect kurdistan to ever get anywhere if they weren't even bothered to go up to wembley to vote? I went to wembley even though i couldn't vote, just to support the kurds. Will we ever get a 'Kurdistan' at this rate we are going??
There are so many problems that we kurds are creating for ourselves, and not sorting out for the better. I just think that if the kurds continue like this, then we have a long road ahead of us until we finally have a home to call our own.

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